L'éternel printemps"Spring is the season of renewal, the time for the energies concentrated in the seed to be released. But in order for this release to occur, the seed must first die. This death is the necessary condition for the sprout to appear and form roots, stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit… Until then, the seed is a fixed, inert creature, waiting for the right conditions to perpetuate life and produce fruits, which in turn will provide new seeds. For a while, the seed definitely seems to be dead, like a corpse left in a tomb. But in the spring, as warmth returns, with every seed comes resurrection – each tiny tomb opens, the stone is removed and the sprout appears. The cause of this resurrection is the light and warmth of the sun. And similarly, for those human beings who have long been exposed to the light and warmth of the spiritual sun, one day the moment arrives for resurrection."

Daily Meditations, March 21 2015

Life Force"And there you have the whole of the philosophy of Initiates. They tell us: ‘You are situated midway between spirit and matter, so you have to reflect and examine your position each step of the way so as to know which side is the stronger in you: spirit or matter. If you sense that certain thoughts and feelings that weigh you down and torment you are beginning to stir within you, you must try to counteract them and not let them gain the upper hand. Those who allow themselves to be subjugated by matter lose their light, their liberty and all their beauty; whereas those who manage to disengage themselves from matter in order to give priority to the activity of the spirit, become free, luminous and strong. Strength is to be found in the spirit. So you should enter more and more deeply into yourself in order to find that divine principle within you and, one day, a spring will begin to bubble up within you, quenching your thirst and sustaining you with an inexhaustible flood of strength."

Life Force, Complete Works vol. 5



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