“The snowdrop, which flowers toward the end of winter, announces the imminent arrival of spring. Study it: with what willpower and courage it commands the snow and the earth, ‘Go on, get out of the way! I want to come up!’ And yet it is fragile, it has such tender, delicate petals, and the slightest thing can harm it. But the earth and the snow obey it, they make way for it, and it comes up and flowers.

How does it make the earth open up? It possesses an irresistible force within the tiny stem that is starting to come up, and so it prevails. Because love always prevails! So, what about you? Do you not have greater means than a snowdrop at your disposal? Yes, you do…”

Daily Meditations, February 13, 2012


Yes, cook them! With our thoughts and our love we can make delicious dishes from all these elements. Spiritual life is a kind of nutrition. It is the art of turning everything we receive from outside into wisdom, kindness, power and peace.”

Daily Meditations, April 17, 2014

“ Some will say, ‘But all that is over for us, spring is for youth!’ That way of reasoning cuts them off from life! Everyone, young and old, must march in step with the renewal, there is no distinction between young and old. Have you ever heard a tree say, ‘Oh, for us old trees, you know, the time is over for flowering and freshening, we leave all that to the young ones’? No, in spring they too cover themselves with leaves and flowers.
Think of these things when spring comes, and remember to unite yourself to the Archangel Raphaël; ask him to reveal to you the secret powers of plants, seeds and flowers so that you may benefit from the virtues that emanate from them.”

Christmas and Easter in the initiatic tradition

Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition

The Fruits of the Tree of Life - The Cabbalistic Tradition The Living Book of Nature

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